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This is Costa Rica ... where? Costa Rica got his name of Christopher Columbus who landed as the  first European captain during his fourth big navigation here. It is a small, democratic Medium American land in which the people have lived during the last 200 years since the retreat of the Spanish colonial power quite peacefully, and have devoted themselves to the cultivation of the best coffee of the world and bananas. The civil war ended in 1948 with the solidification of the democratic constitution and the abolition of the army.

Why should you visit there?
Here some reasons: Costa Rica is like a paradise island with about 1,300 kilometers of coast where one swim, dive, fish, or can be simply relaxing. In the Caribbean 200 beach kilometers . In the Pacific the another plus 600 kilometers of coast.

As a part of the land bridge between two America Costa Rica offers a light access to the other Medium American lands. In the south lies Panama, in the north Nicaragua. His 51,000 square kilometers put out just 0.3% of the earth surface. Nevertheless, on account of the numerous climate zones the land offers a biotope wealth to  the visitor.

The tropical climate of the land means that the seasonal differences especially are not coined. On the Caribbean coast which is lined by Cocos palmen are to be calculated on day temperatures of more than 30 and night temperatures around 20 degrees centigrade, while the north-east trade wind provides during the whole year for sufficient precipitation. The Pacicfic coast is a little warmer and more humid, with rain in the northern part from May to October, in the south from April to December.

Those which may vary a more temperate climate can enjoy the everlasting spring of the capital of San Jose on 1,100 meters about the sea level, where the temperatures between 15 and 26 degrees centigrade. In the mountains it is chiller, according to the height.

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And why should you go there?

Here are some reasons: Costa Rica is like a paradise island with about 1300 km coast, where you can swim, dive, fish, or just relax. In the Caribbean, the 200 kilometres of beach are flat and straight. On the Pacific coastline is rugged, with many mangrove areas protected bays and Islands.


As part of the land bridge between the two Americas, Costa Rica offers easy access to the other Central American countries. In the South, Panama is located in the North of Nicaragua. Its 51,000 square kilometers make up just 0.3% of the Earth's surface. Due to the numerous climatic zones, the country offers the visitor but a richness of Habitat, like hardly another.

The tropical climate of the country means that the seasonal differences are not particularly strong. On the Caribbean coast, which is lined by palms, are to be expected, while the North-East Passat provides sufficient rainfall throughout the year with temperatures of about 30 and temperatures around 20 degrees. The Pacific coast is somewhat warmer and humid with rain in the northern part from May to October, in the South from April to December.


Those who like a moderate climate, can enjoy the eternal spring in the capital city San Jose at 1100 metres above sea level, where the temperatures between 15 and 26 degrees vary. In the mountains it is cooler, the height according to.


Costa Rica is, however, not for everyone...

It is a special place for people who know what they are looking for.

These are people who want to see the huge mahogany and tropical Cedar of dense, evergreen tropical rain forest, which extends about one-third of the land surface, at close range; Want people who get an impression of these 'tropical Switzerland' hard similarly biodiversity, it here - including over 50 hummingbirds - 200 species of mammals and 150 amphibians are approximately 850 bird species.


People who will find the variety of plants may be even more impressive...

The country has about 10,000 plant species, including 1400 species and 1200 species of orchids. Approximately 12% of the country are in national parks. There are many additional private reserves; a total of 27% of the land are under protection. No other State has so much actively protected land per capita.

A third active volcano is Rincón de la Vieja. He rises inmitte of a scenically very attractive zone from an evergreen oak forest, with various geothermal formations such as geysers, fumaroles, lakes, hot mud pits, waterfalls and hot sulfurous Springs, where you at until something about 40 degrees can bathe, is riddled.

This large, active volcanoes look down on the densely populated central Meseta. There is a number of over 3000-3800 M high mountains in the Southeast, towards Panama. The highest point of this mountain chain is formed by Mount Chirripó (3,820 m)

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